Saturday, August 15, 2009

Indiana High Point

I was digging through more photos and realized that I never posted our super-duper exciting trip to Indiana's High Point we did back in June.

Here's the story:
Fortunately or unfortunately, Mike has a book that lists all the high points in every state. Now, this can be very exciting if you are in Alaska, Colorado or California...but it's a little different out East or Mid-West or whatever you call where we are?

I digress.

So, because there is a "list" it gives us "fun" activities to do with the family. HA! More like "funny" activities....

That's right folks, we took the entire fam to "hike" to the highest point in the whole state of Indiana. Here we are driving to the trail head....or at least pretending to drive. :)
Everyone ready to go at the beginning of our hike. (Notice the cornfields?!)
And there you have it, the trail. Mike took the photo above and this photo from the same place. Where you see the end of the trail, is actually the end of the trail. What is that...20 feet or so?
It was tough! I had to take a break...
Phew! We made it: Hoosier Hill...Hill? Really?! Elevation 1257 ft.Family Photo to document this awesome goal!
There was even a "Summit" Registry and to our surprise, about 10 people had been there earlier in the day. Oh good, we're not the only crazies in this world!
My how Axel has changed in just a few months.
Now that's a high point!
Lucas & Mike now have their very own maps of the U.S. that they can color in when a high point has been reached. Oh boy, they (we) have a LONG way to go!

NOTE: Despite the sarcasm in this post, I love that my husband is getting creative for summer time activities since it's a little too hot for weekend climbing trips. It's also fun to discover the little areas surrounding these ever so high, high points! I love you Honey!


Christina and Eric Sturzinger said...

Just wait until you guys get to Eglin. Florida's highest point is only 345 feet.

Susie said...

hee-hee. I think that's a trail we can manage!

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