Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Daddy's Escape

My husband...and why I love this man!!!
He has a love for life!
Anyone who knows him, thinks he is half crazy. He doesn't stop and is on "Go Mode" 99% of the time. If he's not climbing, hiking, running, biking...he's dreaming (or driving, sometimes working). :) Just kidding Honey! We know you work hard and put in more hours than you probably should. His brain is constantly planning and scheming his (our) next adventure.
Daddy's time is so, so valuable and he refuses to waste it. Living in Florida has definitely tested him and fueled this necessity to make the most of the mountains especially when they are at his finger tips. He is a mountain man at heart and is happiest when they are within reach.
So, with a little escape from the hot, humid flatlands of Florida he took full advantage of being back in the mountains. In true Mike Anderson style, Daddy, maximized his business trip to CO a few weeks ago. I shouldn't have been surprised when he told me he was going on a "hike" in the morning before going to the airport. Of course he's going on a hike in the 9th hour. Who else would climb two mountains before heading to the airport to fly home?!
Why not, right?
Waking up at 4am and heading to the trailhead to watch the sunrise was first priority. The hike...it was not a little hike and involved skill in route finding and not for the inexperienced. Most websites recommend planning for an all day outing...8 - 9 hours. This was right up his alley. His airplane wasn't departing DIA until 2pm so there was more than enough time to climb numerous 14ners right?!
Good morning Colorado!
It was worth waking up early to see this.

Heart happy sight.

Beautiful skies. base of Mt. Bierstadt

I love this. Self portraits are fun.

Nice work Dad....looks like an incredible day! Here he is halfway up Mt. Bierstadt.

Stunning views.

Sawtooth Ridge....looks scarrier than it actually is.

Summit of Mt. Bierstadt, 14,060 ft.

Check out the rock balancing there...he was amazed no one had pushed it off! Don't worry, he left it alone for others to enjoy.

Nice little "hike"....hmmmm?! :)

Happy Man!
Out of Florida!

He met some friends along the way.


Summit of Mt. Evans 14,264 ft.


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