Tuesday, September 3, 2013

New Hampshire: Part One - Wedding

We left Boston and drove out to explore NH a little bit. Where we went will be in the next post, this one is all about THE WEDDING!!!
This was the whole reason for heading out East, to attend my cousins wedding. Rachael Callen was getting married to Josh Allen and we were thrilled we could be there to join in on the celebration! Don't you love the names!
The wedding was located in a small town just outside Nashua, NH. It was a beautiful farm perfect for a small wedding. We arrived early (I know...the only reason was because we were sharing a rental car with G&G) so we had time to check things out. The cake caught someone's attention almost immediately upon arrival.

We told him, "He who touches the cake, gets no cake!" He debated for a good five minutes...was it worth going for now or not????....he chose to wait! Phew!

My cousin Jason (Rachel's brother) with his son Elias.

Axel introduced himself and instantly had a new playmate, this was going to be a good wedding!

There was no other kids Lucas' age so he opted to talk to my cousin Kelsey about Harry Potter books. She is a true fan and Lucas was amazed that she had read the entire series twice...my three times!

Aunt Monica with her granddaughter Violet (Elias' sister).

Grandma and Miss California (Kelsey in her 6 inch stilettoes)...like this girl needs high heels, she's already tall!

Ahhhh, soooo cute!

My flip flops were no match for the stilettos but I did my best!

Brother and sister: Zack & Kelsey looking good.
Wedding time!!
Violet wanted nothing to do with her flower girl dressed but was all about dropping those flowers. She did awesome and so did her brother Elias!

Nice work team!

Uncle Mike patiently waiting for his daughter so he could walk her down the isle. 

So beautiful!

The boys were just dreaming about that cake!

Axel moved in for a closer look.

The I Do's...

And they did it!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Grandma made friends with the bartender. :) Cheers!!

Axel and his "cousins" danced up a storm!

They had a blast!

For quite awhile!

There was also lots of time exploring the farm.

These guys played and danced and played and danced and became great friends.

Josh and Rachel at their first dance.

Rachel's older brother, Eric. He's new Chief in the Navy! Way to go cousin!!

Love birds!

Oh, and look at this cute couple! Hi G&G!!

Uncle Mike giving his toast, he did great!

The Linden Clan.

Good looking crowd.

Laura (Jason's wife), you did great too!

Lucas decided all that talking was too boring so he played outside the tent.

Elias and Axel.
After an awesome dinner it was finally the best part of the night. Lucas & Axel were so excited about the cake they could hardly stand it.
First ones there!

The waitress let us move right in.

Cutting the cake...would they be nice or would this get messy?!?!

Way too nice!

But equally nice. Kelsey, are you taking notes? Ha!

Focused. Happy boys!

Uncle Doug with his beautiful daughter.
It was dance time!!
Axel was not impressed that Mommy got to dance with Grandpa. Jealous little boy.

Zack and Aunt Monica

Kelsey and Doug.
The next morning, we had brunch with the Lindens before heading up to North Conway. It was so nice to catch up with family we rarely see. Living so far away really stinks so we treasure these moments together.

CONGRATULATIONS RACHAEL AND JOSH. We had a wonderful time at your beautiful wedding!!

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