Tuesday, September 10, 2013

First Day of School!

AXEL is 4 1/2 years old  and just started Pre-K this year. He was so excited to go back to Happyland, he could hardly stand it. Being reunited with all his best buddies made for a great first day.
His BFF is Parker. If he could have a play date everyday with him, he would.
He is still really into Legos and currently builds and takes apart his favorite kits on a daily bases. When I say "takes apart" I'm not kidding...every single piece has to be taken apart before he can start building again. Axel loves to build Legos with Mom & Dad too and is very good making sure everyone has a chance to put on pieces. Super sweet!  
He dreams of all the Lego kits he wants and wishes birthday's came more than once a year.
His favorite color is blue.
Favorite food is chicken nuggets but he'll eat just about any fruit or vegetable. 
Axel has been able to ride his bike since age 3 but he can now start and stop all by himself. We take neighborhood bike rides in the morning to get some more street sense.
His new love is skateboarding! That's a whole other post coming soon!
He loves being outside but also does great climbing on our treadwall.
Axel is still my super big cuddle bug who is always very happy and just loves people. The more friends the merrier. He melts my heart daily!
We love you Axel!!!
Smile please...
Not bad.

Very clever.

There's my boy!

Ok, I'm done...for a little bit..
LUCAS is 8 years old and started second grade this year with Mrs. Strickland. He's a quiet student who definitely takes school seriously. His reading and writing skills have exploded but I think he's most excited about math. This boy is good with numbers...just like his Daddy!

He has discovered Harry Potter so that has been the choice of night time stores and will be until we get to the end of the series.

He has a wonderful sense of humor and really likes riddles, play on words and understanding what makes things funny.

Lucas is a big reader and loves learning about science facts.

He loves playing Mind Craft and wished he had his own iPad.

His favorite color is green.

His favorite food is artichokes and any kind of meat that is not from the sea.

He is an excellent hiker and really enjoyed spending time in the mountains this past summer.

He has some new climbing shoes and does great on our climbing wall.

Lucas is still my sensitive sweet boy with a HUGE imagination. He has is set of friends but is very content playing by himself. We are so proud of you Lucas, you are such a fun kid to be around.

We love you Lucas!

Are you awake?

This one captures LUCAS!!

Hey dude, open your eyes!

Smarty pants! :)


Ok, ok, I'm done...kind of!
 They were both getting sick of Mommy trying to get the perfect photo. I told them it would only require a few smiles and 19 million mosquito bits!!! They were great and even stuck around long enough to get some photos together. Thanks guys!!

And that wraps up things here for the moment!

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