Monday, September 30, 2013

Southern Adventure: Lousianna State University

Earlier this month, we took the boys to Baton Rouge to experience a real Southeastern Conference football game. The LSU Fighting Tiger fans welcomed us right in so we dressed to impress and hit the tailgating parties! Daddy had scored two tickets from an Air Force friend and his friends invited us to join in on their pre-game celebration. Lucas and Daddy were going to the game while Axel and Mommy had other plans.
Parking was crazy! There were purple and yellow people EVERYWHERE! Cabaña after cabaña set up on every piece of real estate within miles of the stadium. Some even had hi-tech fans, air conditioners, huge flat screen TV's and enough food and drinks to survive a storm!
 This was tailgating on steroids!! These fans were not messing around!!
We had about a mile walk to the stadium.

So cute!

My boys!
We brought Cokes for the boys to help get into the spirit while we visited with fans. I'm pretty sure Axel thought we were crazy...walking miles in the hot, humid weather, seeing all sorts of craziness, then sending Lucas and Daddy off into the stadium. What the heck were we doing??? Talk of ice cream perked him right up!

Friends of friends...thanks for you hospitality!

In front of the stadium just before Daddy and Lucas went in to watch the big game
Axel and I made the trek back to the car and people watched along the way. We hit the local burger joint for french fries and ice cream before heading back to the hotel. Axel loves some good jumping on the bed so that was our fun while the other boys were at the big game. :)

This is a BIG stadium so Daddy and Lucas headed straight for the top to get in a little "hike" and see the view!

Love this!

After watching people fill up the stadium, the exciting part started. In came the marching band!

They were in a sea of purple and yellow!

It took awhile to get the game going. There was lightning in the area so the game was delayed for about one hour. Lucas was a trooper and took it all in.

Not bad seats for being free. :)

Later on, they moved down for a better view. Lucas loved it and wanted to stay until the end of the game. I think it made Daddy's heart smile. :)

Not sure who this guy is but he sure doesn't look like a Tiger???

What a great experience for the whole family. I'm so glad we did this while living somewhat close to LSU. Football is BIG in these parts!!

The next day, we were off to New Orleans!

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