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Massachusetts: Part One - Boston Freedom Trail

My little Bostonites!

Boston is awesome! We had a 2.5 days to explore this wonderful city before heading to New Hampshire for a family wedding. Daddy had told the boys all about the Freedom Trail and Paul Revere. One of our first stops was Paul Revere's House!
That's it, that's Paul's house and we made it in time for the grand tour.

The boys loved following the Freedom Trail.
I love lobsters and used to call them losspers when I was a kid. We found these losspers down by Quincy Market.
This Holocaust Memorial was downtown and these glass towers listed every number of all those who died in the holocaust. It made my heart break..
Mommy was so excited to check out Modern Pastry!!! I have some friends who said this was a MUST STOP location if in the Boston area. They were 100% correct!!! I fell in love and it just so happens, the Freedom Trail takes you right there!! I love the Freedom Trail!!
The hardest part is making a decision on which tasty treat to give a try.
The pastries come in a beautifully wrapped box...a little present of deliciousness.

This is what the boys settled on. I think the berries and the chocolate art won them over. We hit this place a few times and some of our favorites were the Lobster Tail and Crème Puff...both filled with amazing ricotta, whip cream and custard variations. Oh, I fell in love with Modern Pastry!

We had heard good things about Mike's Pastry but after some taste testing, our loyalty will remain with Modern Pastry. It's a smaller more intimate bakery and the cannoli's are not pre-filled like at Mike's. ModP's Lobster Tail took the cake!
We did a little more sight seeing but you can see someone was getting tired.

He crashed at dinner. Slept like this until I carried him to the subway and headed back to the subway.

Lucas was a trooper and filled up on tasty focaccia bread at a little pizza joint.

The downtown clock tower was a very helpful landmark.

Axel got his second wind just in time to see a beautiful sunset and check out the water.

Arrrgh Mates!!

What a wonderful first day in Boston!!
On the subway, we were told that we must go see the sand castles that were built a week before during the sand castle festival at Revere Beach. This happened to be the subway stop where the hotel shuttle picked us up at. So, we had to check it out the next day before heading back downtown.

Mind blowing!! The boys were blown away and could not decided on a favorite!

My favorite although I had a lot of favorites!

It just so happens, just a mile down the beach from all the awesome sculptures was Kelly's Roastbeef Seafood and Sandwich Shop. I heard they had some killer lobster rolls so I couldn't help but drag the boys down to Kelly's.
Window ordering...perfect with kids!

The lobster roll did not disappoint! It was huge, tasty and totally worth dragging the family down the beach!
After our awesome lunch, we jumped on the subway and headed to Harvard. Daddy told us this was one area we had to see and we were so glad he mentioned it. What a beautiful campus.

The weather was looking a little rainy but we didn't mind. We spent the next three hours touring the Harvard Museum. This was a trip highlight for the boys!
Google these and you'll be amazed!!

There were thousands of flowers on display, all made of GLASS! The time spent to make these is hard to comprehend.

We spent plenty of time in the rock and mineral section.

That's a big turtle!

The displays were awesome!

Whale bones on the ceiling.

We talked about how crazy this museum would be if it were like the one in the movie: Night at the Museum. You could see Axel's brain thinking about that...half frightened and half excited. We was relieved to be reminded that the chance of these animals coming to life was slim to none. :)
We had another wonderful day in Boston and boy were we tired. The next morning, look who we found in the hotel...
Morning Grandpa!
Grandma & Grandpa J had come to join us in Boston. We all got a late start but had a full day planned. Until then, I enjoyed this little snuggly view!

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