Monday, September 30, 2013

Southern Adventure: New Orleans

Oh, so I forgot to mention that we discovered a great seafood market in Baton Rouge called Tony's Market! It's the real deal and everything we had was amazing. If we lived there, this would be our go to place for fresh seafood. I was packed to the max and delicious!
With that being said, the next morning we took turns going for a run on the LSU campus. It was the best 4 miles I've ran since leaving Colorado Springs. The houses that boarder the campus are gorgeous and so was the lake we ran around. We took the boys for a drive around the campus to show them what a big university looked like. I'm not sure if they really understood but we still tried. :)
We then drove down the road to hit New Orleans. It was still pretty hot but we thought we could tackle some of the highlights before the hit moved in.
Typical NOLA street...lots of cars and buildings stuck to buildings.
Each building seems to tell a story.
We focused on the fun food.

My Dad is very fond of this Hurricane Mix and it brought back some Lake Powell memories.

Café Du Monde is also a favorite in the Jakulewicz home. Grandpa J has perfected the Beignets so if you ever stay with him in Colorado, you can request a little NOLA breakfast and I'm sure he'll hook you up.
The boys were way more interested in the kookie voodoo dolls, fortune telling machine and mardi gras decorations.

The skeleton's eyes moved making him extra spooky and cool.

This is just about when they realized this...

Lots of decorations!
 We finally got everyone out of the store and into the market. Lots of fun things to see and taste.

I was very amused by the mermen!
 We finally made it to the "donut" shop...if you tell the boys they are donuts, they just might try Beignets!
It worked!!

Tasty little things and they come with enough powder sugar to frost an entire cake!

We couldn't go to New Orleans without walking down Bourbon Street. Who knew it would be nut on a Sunday morning???
 It was getting hot so our last stop was at Deanies Seafood Restaurant. We had some tiny soft shelled crabs and some crazy messy Cajin BBQ Shrimp. If you like fried seafood, then go to Deanies. If not, I wouldn't recommend it.
I've never seen Daddy get so messy eating!! It was awesome. :)

That about wraps up our southern adventure!

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