Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Massachusetts: Part Two - Boston with G&G

Despite G&G arriving in the middle of the night, the troops were out with Bunker Hill as our starting point. Today, we were walking the entire Freedom Trail and sharing some of our finds along the way...Modern Pastry!

Bunker Hill Monument is very similar to the Washington Monument but on a smaller scale.

Here is the view of a neat bridge when standing at the base of the monument.

There is a little entrance building and the boys were super excited to find out that we could hike to the top.

They basically ran all  294 steps! It helps that we had been in CO & WY all summer working our hiking skills.

Another rainy day. Here is a view of downtown from the top of the monument.

This is looking down to the bottom of the monument.

The next stop was the USS Constitution. What a beautiful boat!!

There's Axel in his little red shirt!

Grandpa (the history buff) was sure to fill in the boys on all the details. Here they are learning about the two types of cannons. There might be a quiz later so hopefully they paid attention! :)

We learned all about the dry docks and how they worked.

Grandpa documenting for Grandma's scrapbooking plans.
After the ship yard, we headed across the bridge along the Freedom Trail. We took a little detour and discovered a busy little pizza joint. With a line forming out front we had a feeling it was a good one.
Regina Pizza....it was good pizza and boy oh boy, they do not skimp on the toppings. It was loaded!!

Check out this clever way to lock up your bike...
We were so full from lunch that there was no room for Modern Pastry. We did point it out to G&G and told them that we would be back for sure!!
There was a huge farmer's market and the fruit was so cheap!! Oh, Florida needs cheap fruit.

Just outside Quincy Market the crowds were watching some impressive break dancing.

We caught up with some family too. Here are my cousins Zack, Kelsey and my Uncle Doug who were also in town for the wedding. It's been so long since I had seen them, what a treat!

We continued along the trail and made a quick stop here.

The boys were interested in finding out where Mr. Paul Revere was buried and we found his resting place. I'm not sure why people place pennies here. After explaining to Axel that they were not to take but actually a gift for Mr. Revere he eagerly contributed his own pennies...one for each family member and G&G too.

This was the end of the Freedom Trail and to Axel's surprise, there was a play park inside the Boston Common's park.

He met a little buddy there too. Axel is so good at meeting other kids and loves making new friends.
That evening we met up with my cousins and uncle for dinner at Legal Seafood. If you are in the Boston area and love seafood, this is a place to go. It was awesome and where I had one of my favorite Boston meals. The crab cakes were amazing!!!

The next morning we made a quick trip to MIT (Aunt Kate's old stomping ground) and really liked this silly building.

Tired boys.
Just a little smile please?!
We waited for G&G to finish their tour near Harvard. We enjoyed checking out the Curious George store but they were just about over Boston. These boys were troopers but was time for some new scenery outside the city. Time for New Hampshire!!


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