Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Lucas is 8 Years Old!!!

Lucas had two requests this summer; he wanted to be home for his birthday and he wanted a big birthday party! We planned our summer with his request in mind and made sure he had a few weeks home before his birthday. He couldn't have been happier when he woke up on his birthday, at home. 
Balloons and decorations are a must in this house if it's your birthday.

Mommy & Daddy went crazy with the fun!

Daddy had to go to work but took time to open presents so the boys could enjoy them all day.

Harry Potter wand from G&G J...thank you!!

Axel got to test it out too!

Axel was so excited and Lucas was very patient with him.

Choose Your Own Adventure Books...thanks Daddy!

This must be an extra special one....

Axel gave Lucas a science kit.

G&G A were off to Europe but didn't forget about Lucas' birthday...thank you!!

This was the first year Lucas cared about reading the cards. It was very cute!

Axel was so excited to learn that a few presents had his name on them!!

Looks like we were going to be busy today!

Two wizards!
We did spend the day playing with lots of new science kits, games, toys and making a Harry Potter cake. When Daddy came home, we continued the birthday celebration.
8 years old!! Hard to imagine...HAPPY BIRTHDAY LUCAS!!!

Here is the cake!! I love decorating cakes!!

We all love eating them too!

Happy Birthday to you....

Making a wish...

He did it with only minor distractions from an excited little brother.

It's hard to be a little brother on a big birthday day. Axel had a tough time but we reminded him that he too has a special day just for him coming up in February.

We had a few more gifts to include a chocolate making science kit and some Think Fun games.
Our neighbors were not able to join us for cake on Lucas' birthday but they did come over early the next morning with a little surprise. Birthday donuts!!! Thanks H&H!!

Time to go plan a big birthday bash!!!

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