Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Christmas Eve

Shaun and the crazies!
 We have no photos to prove it but we did drag the family out for some rock climbing. Our good friend, Shaun, totally understands our craziness and jumped right in. He loves climbing too and came up to the cabin for some pre-Christmas climbing. The boys LOVE Shaun because he's a big kid with lots of patience for Lucas and Axel attacks! Thanks for all your help with the cabin Shaun. We hope to see you this Spring!

The boys were a little sad when they realized Shaun would not be spending Christmas with us. However, they were thrilled to see snow! It wasn't much but it came Christmas Eve morning. This confused Axel. He was certain that the snow meant it was Christmas morning so after some near-tears, we reassured him that Christmas would come the next day snow or no snow. Too cute!!
Snow dust on the cabin.

Way more snow than Florida!
Daddy cooking crepes for the first time ever. They turned out perfectly! This is going to be a new Christmas Tradition for sure!! DELICIOUS!!!

Check out this cozy cabin, we fell in love all over again.

It was a perfect cozy afternoon.

The stockings (and lights) were hung with care! So were those pans, a few months back, making lots of extra cabinet space! Thanks Daddy!!

The gingerbread houses survived until Christmas! :)
The snow stuck around but it was so cold outside. We did go out for a few minutes to put out the reindeer food. Axel made this special food and it was VERY important that we put it out. I believe he had a few doubts that Santa would really know how to find us at the cabin.


Sprinkling on the "lawn."

In typical Axel fashion, he saved some to share with Lucas.

All ready for Santa

I love this crew!!
 Every year on Christmas Eve, we all get to make silly pipe cleaner hats. This year was no exception and Axel really got into it. He spent lots of time making it just right!

Lucas did a great job too but he was more excited about the poppers.

Daddy jumped in after some cooking to make his hat.

Wow, Mom was there too! :) My different colored eyes really stand out in this photo for some reason??
We had a delicious dinner and then let the boys open up their PJ presents. Lucas knows from experience that Christmas Eve presents are always clothes. Axel had heard this rumor but chose not to believe it. Sorry toys on Christmas Eve.

It wasn't all bad when they discovered how cozy and comfy these fleece PJ pants were. I loved the shirts too!

Can't take a photo without silly face pose!
 After Daddy read The Night Before Christmas book, these happy boys jumped into bed with visions of sugar plums dancing in their heads! :)

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