Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Kentucky Christmas Preparations

We debated going to the cabin for Christmas. It was going to be a lot of extra work but we just felt like it would be totally worth it. The cozy, Christmas feel that our cabin could give definitely beat out the idea of spending Christmas in Florida. Once we made our decision it was time to figure out the logistics. Thank goodness Dad is a master at packing!  He had quite the puzzle to figure out with all our gear, clothes, food, decorations and gifts that needed to be in the car. I think he might have even enjoyed it a little. Either way, he did awesome!! Thank you Daddy!!!!

After this strategic packing and a LONG drive across Florida, Alabama, Georgia and Tennessee; we made it to Kentucky! Our cabin needed some transformation to get it ready for the holidays. We headed out on a family hike before getting a "little" tree for the cabin.

 Natural Bridges is always a fun little hike to do. We even discovered a new loop to make it extra exciting.
The boys headed up the back side of the bridge.

Walking across the bridge.

It's a big rock bridge but I always get nervous with the edges. I make the boys stay in the middle so I don't have a heart attack. The winds were gusty so they had fun tossing pine needles off the edge and watching the blow back up. I was a nervous wreck!

We discovered this cool balancing rock on the new loop. There are two trees on the right side growing right out the top.
We had been keeping our eye's out for a perfect tree the past couple trips to the cabin. We were going to do it the old fashioned style...find a tree in the forest and chop it down. We didn't have to slog through drifts of snow but it was still fun picking one out.
This was the winner!
Small, cute and full of character!
Ok, so not as small as we had thought.

It did have LOTS of cHaRacTeR!

 With a little trimming and some lights, it was ready to be decorated.
Character! Just like this guy!

We had lots of help making this the perfect tree.
Cool new ornaments.

The whole family did great!

It was time for some Star Wars movies!

That night, they realized that their advent calendars needed a little help catching up from the last visit.

The cabin was super cozy and all ready for an awesome Kentucky Christmas!!

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