Thursday, January 23, 2014

Did Santa Find Us?

The boys woke up eager to go see if Santa had come. I held them captive for a few minutes until Daddy got the camera and took a little peek to make sure Jolly Old Saint Nick did his job...

Looks like he found us!
Time to get the boys...

Mommy distracting with the advent calendar.
This was the initial response to seeing the tree with all the goodies. Calm and was pretty funny. I think they were uncertain whether or not they could go check out all the goodies?!?! GO! It's Christmas morning!!

Our Harry Potter Fan with his Marauder's Map

Our other Harry Potter fan with his new Hermione Wand

The Furby Boom...Lord help us! :)

I have to admit, he is pretty cute.

It was so cozy and Christmasy in our cabin. :)
Then our old camera went a little crazy...
Stocking discoveries

I LOVE stockings!!

Harry Potter "Bertie Botts" every flavor jelly beans.
New bow and arrow!

So fun!!!

Dumbledore's Wand. Yes, we have two little wizards in this house!

Lego Mine Set...he had been dreaming of this for MONTHS!!!
Daddy getting some goodies too.

Mommy too!
It didn't take long to get started on the Legos. We decided to open the rest of the presents later so we could do some building and wizarding. :)

Hey look, the whole gang!
And look at these love birds! Merry Christmas Baby!!
 After everyone got there fill of present fun, we had one more present for Daddy. We took him out climbing for a few hours. We know he doesn't get to climb on Christmas Day very often so he was very excited. It was a beautiful chilly day and great for everyone to get some fresh air. When we got back, they cozied up and dove right back in where they had left off.

There were still a few more gifts to unwrap too.
What an awesome Christmas!! We couldn't have been more thrilled to spend this holiday at our cabin. It was totally worth all the hard work and everyone really enjoyed themselves. It was a magical Christmas for sure.

How cute are these guys?!! WE LOVE YOU!!

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