Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Niceville's Christmas Lady

A local Niceville lady owns a Christmas collection like no other. It's hard to imagine the amount of decorations she has even when looking at it.  I was also very intrigued with how and where she stores it all???
We were able to go see the display two years ago when we first moved to Florida but last year the display was not set up. It requires a HUGE building with lots of space and with the recent closure of a grocery store, they were able to set everything up. It's called Animation in Motion and it literally took up the entire area of the old grocery store to set up. It is very impressive to say the least. One evening, we headed out to see it and even got to meet "The Christmas Lady!" I just had to ask where she stores all her decorations. The answer...sheds! She has boxes and boxes stacked high filling numerous sheds on her property.
If you are ever in Niceville, FL in December, it's a must see! They give out free popcorn and hot chocolate too. If this doesn't get you into the Christmas Spirit I don't know what will?!?!

This is a nutcracker display when you first walk in. This is only one of many nutcracker displays.

This tiny town was my favorite. She literally has every building you could imagine and the photo only shows a forth of it.

This train track display was the only display not owned by The Christmas Lady. The Rotary Club set it up on loan and they had some awesome trains!

I loved this St. Nicholas.
This display was perfect because Lucas' 2nd grade classroom (along with all the other 2nd grade classrooms) did their own Christmas Around the World. For two weeks, each afternoon, his class traveled to other countries (classrooms) to learn about their holiday customs and traditions. He went to places like Italy, Mexico, Japan, Germany, Wales, Sweden and a few others. He loved it and had a wonderful time. I would have loved to joined him!
Christmas Around the World decorations.

Santa in Florida!

Both boys loved the Elves.

Here is an overview of HALF of the displays. The other half was behind went on forever.

This white nativity scene brought back some memories. This is very similar to the one I had growing up in Montrose.

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