Sunday, January 12, 2014

Gingerbread Time


Who doesn't love ginger?!?!?

This family loves it and the wonderful treats that can be created using it! Some of our favorites
are pumpkin pie, pumpkin brownies, ginger snaps and of course, gingerbread!! When not climbing, we were diving into Christmas activities!!!

I wish this photo was in focus just a touch shows Axel's personality perfectly!

Not bad...
We made a few long weekend trips to the cabin before Christmas. Harry Potter continued and the whole family is now hooked. We read to Lucas so slow him down, although, we know he sneaks and reads ahead sometimes. :)
Daddy reading the 4th Harry Potter book to Lucas.

Axel and I listen while drawing silly pictures in our notebook. He loves doing this and so do I. :)
We busted out some cookies that needed a little frosting love. It was also practice for our graham cracker "gingerbread" houses!!

The boys gave us detailed plans for the construction of their houses. Mom and Dad set to work and had a blast!

After letting the houses set and dry, it was time to decorate. I filled a few piping bags with royal icing and opened a huge bag of parade/Halloween candy. The boys decorated until their hearts content and then we added the finishing details. We got a little carried away, it's very addicting!

Here are the finished houses. We made a rule that you couldn't eat them until Christmas Day. Do you think that rule stuck?! HA! For the most part but I think a little mouse or two took some nibbles. :)

Proud boys!!!

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