Thursday, January 23, 2014

Few Extras

 Just for the record, here are two photos taken of the boys at the base of some climbs. When we climb as a family, we really can't take photos of climbing. We can catch a few of the boys and as you can see, the sun was out and it was a beautiful day. We are able to climb in cold temperatures especially when the sun warms up the rock. :)
These two have turned into best friends.
They love getting outside and using their imaginations.
 We had a few more gifts for the boys. Grandma J is a huge Harry Potter Fan so she (and Grandpa J) decided to help out with a trip to Harry Potter World at Universal Studios. Legoland is also a park these boys would love which is also in Orlando. Here, the boys are finding out that a trip to Orlando would happen this winter!

 Daddy had one more gift to give. This was a family gift and one we had talked about literally all year. The boys had forgotten about it making it all the more special when they discovered what it was.

Before revealing the gift, Daddy had a little trick up his sleeve.
To: Lucas and Axel

To: Axel

To: ???

To: Lucas??? Who was this gift really for?

To: Axel & Lucas

After numerous layers and lots of giggling, they were thrilled to find the Lego Mindstorms Robot Kit!

My three Engineers!!
Axel was besides himself...more LEGOS!!! AWESOME!!!

Dad quickly realized that the rest of the day would be devoted to making a robot.

Here they are learning how the program works.

After four hours or so, we had a robot that could be controlled remotely or by certain programs. Axel is our builder and Lucas is our programmer.

It has color and sound sensors making it life like. The programs also comes with different tasks to complete and different accessories to build.  It is a wonderful way to introduce programming to children.
Thank you Daddy! What an awesome gift for us all to enjoy!!

We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. Thank you to all Grandma's, Grandpa's, Uncles, Aunts, Cousins, family and friends for all the wonderful cards and gifts. We truly had a magical Christmas and appreciate all your generosity. We love you all!!

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