Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Oh Christmas Tree...

Getting a tree is always an exciting time.  Although, I must admit that getting one in Florida is not as magical as going out to chop one down yourself. Everyone knows that right?! Anyways, we called up our awesome neighbor and headed to Lowe's to find the perfect tree. It was so nice to have Daddy here to help and he made sure to inspect them all. :)

Daddy checking one out.

Our little helpers.

This is always the most exciting part.

My boys!
They realized that Hugh needed a little help picking the perfect tree for their house.

In exchange, Hugh then helped us get the tree home. THANK YOU HUGH!
Lowe's happens to be right next door to Bass Pro Shop so we hit the Christmas section and look who we found?

SANTA!!! He was very good about reminding the boys about being good and helping to pick up after themselves. We need Santa to visit in May! :)
A visit with Santa himself.

Lots of fun crafts and activities. Here they are racing cars.
Once back at home, my helpers dove right in. They love to empty the ornament and decoration boxes as fast as possible. Despite my lecture about not taking everything out, I couldn't help but smile at how excited they were. They took out EVERYTHING! Oh well, I tried!  I did convinced them that the couch was a perfect spot to keep ornaments halfway safe.

One of the boys favorite jobs...clipping off the netting.

We took time for a yummy turkey dinner to make up for the not-so-yummy turkey we had at our cabin. We had awesome sides but the turkey wasn't so stellar. We redeemed ourselves!
Magically our tree was decorated!!! Having such good helpers this year was awesome and made it quick! Okay, not that quick and actually only the lights went on the first night. However, it didn't take long to get it decorated, especially the front. We had to teach the boys about spreading out the ornaments and using a step ladder to make the whole tree special. They did great!!

Do you see Lucas' face in the next photo? This was after he discovered that Axel (the youngest) got to put the star on top of the tree.
Disappointed Lucas.

Axel was so happy to take on the star roll.

We then surprised Lucas and told him he got to plug in the star. :)

Everyone was happy! Great job team!
We loved our tree and all the open space was perfect for some good wrestling matches!
Daddy got attacked...

but took no mercy...

and showed two boys what a double pin looks like.

Most importantly, no one was crying afterwards!

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