Sunday, January 26, 2014

New Years 2014

Happy New Year!!

Billy Joel Tribute Band

We were in town for New Years and had big plans of hitting Baytowne Wharf for the Billy Joel tribute band. Our plan was to play at the park, listen to music and head home before it got too crazy and too late. (Yes, we are wild ones for sure!)
Lucas was invited over to a friends house for a driveway fireworks celebration sleep over. He was so excited and when we dropped him off, the party was already started. It brought back wonderful memories of 4th of July parties my parents had up on Spring Creek in Montrose, CO. :) It made my heart smile and it made our little pyro's heart smile too.
With Lucas in firework heaven, the rest of the family headed out. Axel was a little unsure about leaving Lucas behind but we reassured him that Lucas would be just fine. We headed straight to the play park for a sweet game of hide-n-seek. This was a big hit! Then it was time to check out the music and do a little people watching. It was cold so we were bundled up but many crazy high school/college aged kids were bound and determined to wear their sexy dresses. They looked miserable but I have to admit, it did provide for some free entertainment on our part. Groups huddled together like schools of fish trying to stay warm but still catching the attention of the opposite sex. Ha!

Axel using his party hat as a laser gun.

And to tickle Daddy's nose.

Refueling after the park.
The band took FOREVER to get set up so we hit up the gelato shop and then enjoyed singing along. Even Axel had fun but his favorite part was playing StarWars with Daddy.

StarWars Jedi fights went on and off throughout the night.
On our way home, we cut through a hotel heading back to the car and discovered this HUGE gingerbread house. It was very impressive.
Everyone enjoyed their New Year celebration and even Axel stayed up to celebrate New York dropping the ball. Whoot! See, I told you we were wild ones!!
The new year was then kicked off with a Christmas present from our neighbors. It's an air canon and it is awesome. The boys had a blast!!
Sklyer (Lucas' BFF) got to spend the day and here they are watching Harry Potter movies.
We took some neighborhood walks and discovered this little beauty. I love maple trees in the fall...or in the dead of winter in Florida.
It didn't take long for Florida to get caught up in the Polar Vortex Freeze. Our neighbors amused the neighborhood with making icicles and snow. :) Definitely a rare sight in Florida.
The year was off to a great start...just ask this wizard!!

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