Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Back to Winter in Dayton

We packed away our swim suits, shorts and sunscreen!

Now, it's time to embrace winter in Dayton. After receiving more than a "trace" of snow...maybe two inches...we warmed up the sled on a hill one house down from ours!

All ready for launch!

All the way down...
and back up again! Not a bad hill for Dayton. :) Lucas had a blast. He wore himself out hiking and sledding for at least one hour! With cold temps, the snow has been around so this is a daily routine. :)
We didn't tell Lucas about going skiing until we woke him up last Saturday morning. He wanted to stay in bed until we said "we're going skiing" and then he was all smiles. He had to double check that he was going and that he could get skis too. We took two friends, Amy & Kristina, along for the ride to Mad River Ski Resort. It's about one hour Northeast of Dayton and is $5 for military members to ski all day. Yes, $5! Lucas was free but his rentals costs $16. Not bad for a day of skiing!
Lucas was not impressed that he had to wear a silly ticket on his jacket. It's so funny what bothers him, things that we don't even think about. He quickly got over the ticket issue when we found ski gear for him.
So proud of his ski gear! "Mommy, they have just my size!"
All bundled up and ready to go with absolutely no hesitation!
Ready for the first run! A little awkward those big long feet can be, good thing Daddy's was there to help.
My dad is going to love this! If only they had a cute little escalator ride when I was a kid learning how to ski. :) It would have made Grandpa J's first run with his daughter a much better experience. Oh the memories! Thanks Dad, I love you!

Up the hill they go, pretty slick huh?!
All set for the ride.Mommy was so proud!Again, no hesitation! I think Lucas just figured skis were like a sled, point them down the hill and enjoy the ride! We talked about making a plow...but putting his skis together was much easier. Why would I need to slow down or stop?
So much fun and what a happy boy!
More snowplow discussion.
Who needs to snowplow?!It works better if I just stick them together like this!Okay, so I do need a little help turning and stopping...thanks Daddy!
After 1 1/2 hours straight, Lucas was not interested in taking a lunch break. However, 4 hungry adults were ready and Lucas was out voted. He changed his mind once we got inside. That boy ate one big lunch and a yummy fruit roll-up for dessert...or maybe the dessert was the Hershey Kisses? Either way, he didn't miss out.
After lunch Daddy took Lucas up for round two. We had no idea he would last this long or like it so much. Daddy was finally worn out, then it was rope tow practice with Mommy. Rope tows take a little more time to master and it's hard to overcome the desire to lean back or lean on the wire. Once he figured out he needed to stand up and just hold on for a little help things were smoother.
Way to Go Lucas!!!
What a day! He outlasted all the adults and would have stayed until midnight. He had so much fun but I think his real love was looking at all the snow blowers as he skied down. They caused numerous distractions but gave him motivation for more skiing. Next time, we might have to dress him in cooler clothes so he'll want to quit early...HA! That's what happens when you have good, warm ski don't get cold and Daddy get's worn out!


Amy said...

That's awesome! Love those photos and it must be so great to see your child fall in love with something you love so much, too! One of my friends just took her 2 year old and he loved it, too. Maybe we'll get Hayden out on the slopes this season

Susie said...

Oh Janelle- this is so cool :) Lucas will be a pro in no time :)

Jodie said...

Okay, I miss you guys. We were just talking about Lucas the other day... or Luke as Taylor calls him. I never knew a 3 yr old would love skiing so much. That's good to know. We are planning on taking the kids for the first time in a few weeks. How are you feeling? Hugs to the fam!

Gramma K said...

Hi Lucas - what a great job skiing. and what a great job Daddy did with you. I am so excited you are learning to ski- when you are older we can have great fun going skiing.
An Escalator what a cool idea. Only thing is when we had to drag your daddy and siblings up the hill to teach them to ski the day was a LOT shorter!!
Love Grandma A

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