Thursday, January 15, 2009

Disney Rest Days

Mike's conference was held at the Marriot World Center which is a huge hotel. It was beautiful and we fell in love with the numerous pools and hot tubs. They had an activity center for kids with a daily schedule of different events. Swim parties, bubbles, sandbox fun, movies, bingo, spin art, crafts, etc. So, there was new stuff to see and do each rest day. I don't have any photos of Lucas swimming but he had a ball in the water. It was fun to see how quickly he got comfortable. We took his life vest and bought a floating donut so he was all set. We just need some kid googles for his big jumps and splashes!

Here's Mommy & Lucas ready for a fun "rest" day.
With a little exploring we found all the pools and hot tubs.
Bubble Day!
He was lovin' life as the only boy to show up! Look at all those little ladies checking him out.
The sandbox was super fun. I think he spent a solid two hours digging and pouring and sifting..
Toy propeller his friend, Lilly, gave him.
Back to the sandbox.
Here's a good view of the hotel of them anyways. As you can see, it's a tall hotel. Riding the elevator up 28 floors was a big hit because they were glass elevators. We had to do this daily along with soaking in the hot tub at night.
Lucas loved the palm trees too!
It's hard being three!
Magic Kingdom next!

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Susie said...

That sunshine look s so inviting and WARM!

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