Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A Disney Start to the New Year!

Happy New Years!

We had a relaxing week between Christmas and New Years. On New Years Eve we opted to stay home and go "camping" in our living room.

Some yummy dinner.
Showing off our cool pants!
A few games of Old Maid and Go Fish!
Sedrick was invited too!
New Year's Eve Camping. Lucas was all about having his own tent but later joined mom and dad on the floor. He even stayed up until midnight...crazy kid!
On January 2, 2009 we departed Dayton on our way to Orlando, FL. Mike had a conference so we thought it was a great chance to take a last minute trip to Disney World before Baby Anderson arrived. Luckily, no baby on the plane or at the park. :)

Our first day was spent at the hotel getting to know the place. It was huge. 10 restaurants and a bunch of indoor and outdoor pools. The weather was in the high 70's and mid 80's so it was a nice treat for sure.

We arrived at the hotel and had plenty of time for some more card games.
And check out that belly!!!! Only a few weeks to go!
Our first big adventure was ANIMAL KINGDOM!

Mt. Everest roller coaster...Daddy's favorite!
Lucas studied this ride for about 15 minutes. He asked all sorts of questions about what it was, why people screamed and why people put their hands in the air. After thinking about it for awhile he asked, "Is there a roller coaster my size I can go on?" I guess everything checked out and he was ready to find one. Unfortunately, we had to wait until Magic Kingdom.

There's Daddy in the third seat back!
Flying with Mommy.
And Daddy too. Here he is checking out the controls.Flying is serious business.
Dinosaur park. If you jump on the foot prints it makes dinosaur sounds. Lucas figured out this one and loved it.

Dino Jeepin'!
Jeep Safari highlights.
Petting zoo.
Our first character encounter.
Robot Trash Can.
This one really threw Lucas for a loop. If you look closely, you can see a guy in the back ground (black shirt) talking into a mouth piece and controlling the robot. It makes the robot very real as he approaches children and he can talk directly to you. He knew Lucas' color of shirt and asked if I was his Mommy. Lucas was shocked! He tried so hard to figure out how it worked and had to look inside to see if someone was in there. From that point on, he was convinced every trash can was a robot.
Mommy even got to go on a few rides.
Animal Kingdom has lots of areas to see animals. We ran into this big guy on our way to a bird show.
Tigers too.
Disney Parade!
Back to DinoLand and on one of Lucas' favorites.
We took a little break and went to the "Nemo Musical" which was awesome but no photos were allowed. Lucas thought it was a perfect place for a nap. At least Mike and I really enjoyed the show.

The big tree located at the center of the park and above the 3-D movie "It's Tough To Be A Bug." It's also tough to be a three year old for this show...a little scary!
End of the day and saying Good-bye to Mickey & Friends!
Animal Kingdom Christmas Tree.
We have more of our trip but way too many photos for one post.

See you soon.

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Amy said...

Looks like you had a GREAT and full day at AK! So glad you had fun! I'm so impressed you made it with that almost-ready-to-be-born baby in your belly!

Oh and I love the New Year's Eve camping. . . so cute!

Can't wait to see more Disney.

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