Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas Day

Christmas morning was a hoot in this house for sure. Not for normal Christmas Day anticipation and excitement but for the opposite.

Mike and I woke up about 7:30am and wondered if Lucas had been kidnapped?! However, at 8:00am he came running into our room very excited to jump in bed and cuddle. What?! No running down the stairs to see what Jolly Old Saint Nick left behind? Morning cuddles is our normal morning routine which usually consists of singing songs, talking about dreams or discussing the days planned events. Just another normal day to Lucas. He jumped in our bed and we asked him if he was excited to go downstairs for any reason.

"No, I want to cuddle."

So, we cuddled and kept talking about what Santa might have brought. Lucas knew his list by heart and eagerly recited everything on it. We're pretty sure he didn't really believe us that Santa had come. I guess waiting for a whole month and asking everyday if it was Christmas Eve finally wore off.

Around 8:30am, we convinced him to go down stairs and see if Santa really did come.

We have video tape of the presents discovery but I missed getting a photo of the tree and all of the goodies Santa left. Oh well...

Stocking first!
Uncle Brian wasted no time getting through his stocking. He can unwrap like a pro! Next time, Santa will have to use a little duct tape to slow someone down. :)At first, Lucas took his time opening each gift in his stocking and checking things out. That didn't last and soon he was tearing into things.

After stockings, we had some tasty cinnamon rolls and Lucas played with his toys from Santa. It didn't really sink in that we still had all the wrapped presents to tackle so that was an exciting discovery for an already overwhelmed 3 year old.
Lucas is ADDICTED to CAILLOU! Here he is checking out all the details on his new DVD.
Wow! Mommy got her very own saw-z-all....mmm, was this on Mommy's list or Daddy's??? As Lucas likes to say, "Daddy's a Stinker!"
Once Lucas discovered that there were a ton of gifts to unwrap, he was all about helping everyone else. He didn't want to miss any of the action.
Monkey Balls!! What a fun game that we now have set up in our basement. Mommy's the champion player of the house. :)
The kid coffee maker that actually pumps water...HUGE HIT! This along with the mixer and little vacuum are hits. Yep, he still loves appliances!
Daddy finally has Guitar Hero...maybe not exactly the version he wanted but he's had fun with this little guy.
Class Brian photo. :)
More unwrapping!
This is a big one!
His very own computer! Thanks Grandma and Grandpa Anderson.
Still, we're all cutting back this year? Yeah right!
Mmmm, yummy tea for Mommy and a cool Magic Paint Kit for Lucas. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa Jakulewicz!

Yep, I'm lookin' prego for sure!
Time to test the paint out.
Back to the coffee maker. The coffee maker and coffee press both live on our coffee table these days in a brownie pan. Like I said, a huge hit!
The sun decided to shine which is rare around here in the winter time. We had to go out and enjoy it. However, after two days of rain, the trails were super muddy. Luckily, it was still pretty chilly and most of them were still frozen. It was nice to get fresh air and show Uncle Brian our neighborhood park.We had no idea we were hiking so long (over a hour). Lucas was running and running and running so we I'll knew a good nap was in store. We did take time to stop for a little break and show Uncle Brian the weird "tumor" like seed pods found all over the park.
After nap, Christmas was back on and it was time to check out our Pilot Suit, head set and all...and, notice the muscles?! Pilot Lucas must be working out!
I have a feeling there will be no more sleeping in on future Christmas mornings. Not after the discovery of what Christmas is all about!

As Lucas loves to sing, "Happy Birthday Baby Jesus, Happy Birthday to You!"

We hope you all had a very Merry Christmas. We were so happy Brian was able to join us but missed having more family around. We love and miss you all!


Susie said...

I've never heard of Monkey Balls- can I come play??

Amy said...

Sounds like such a sweet day! Love seeing you all in the pictures!

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