Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ski Bum

I had no idea you could find shoes this adorable but Daddy did it. Lucas got his very first pair of real rock climbing shoes! He was eager to try them out until we told him we were going skiing again!
We headed back to Mad River Ski Resort with Daddy, Kristina, Tommy & Jim. It was an early start and a rough one for Lucas. Mommy took him up the rope tow a few times and he got a glimpse of the real ski lift. Daddy took him up the "magic carpet" but he was just not happy and was ready to stop skiing for the day.

The problem?
#1. Hunger
#2. He wanted to go on a real ski lift

We headed in for an early lunch and our little skier had an instant attitude change. He bounced back and then right into Jim's arms. He hadn't seen Jim in months so it was very exciting.
Lucas had a hot dog the first time we went skiing so now it's tradition and lunch is not complete without one. We almost got in trouble not getting him one the first time around. Watch out Mommy & Daddy and be careful when "setting the bar" for new activities.

After lunch, Lucas and Daddy headed for the real ski lift. Daddy looks a little unsure of the whole idea.
However, they jumped in line and Lucas was very excited.
With a little help from Daddy, they were on their way.
We decided to try the climbing harness and leash idea. It worked pretty good and they both survived the first real run of Lucas' skiing career.
Big smiles were back to stay!

"I want to go again!" is all I heard each time they made it back to the lift.
Kristina, Jim and Tommy went up to help out and check out Lucas' skills. I was happy to have friends to take photos because I could only see so much from the bottom of the lift.

Here's Jim, Lucas & Daddy getting off the lift.
The leash came in handy for sure. Lucas still has no control over where he goes. He'll follow the fall line or naturally turn if he's looking at you. Other than that, he's along for a fun ride.
More practice.
Getting better.
Daddy & Lucas headed towards Jim & Tommy. Everyone was so helpful and made the experience so much fun.
Jim even helped out with a little pole turning here and there.
Big stuff now!
More team work.
Keepin' those skis together...so much for snowplow! :)
Lucas' Ski School: Kristina, James, Daddy, Lucas, Tommy and...
What a day! Lucas skied and skied and skied. I thought he would get tired of it but no way. After at least 4 hours of skiing, Lucas cried when we had to go home. A stop for hot chocolate helped but he was not happy about leaving and said, "I want to ski all night time too!"

That's my boy!

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