Sunday, January 25, 2009

When's My Brother Coming Out?

Lucas is very interested in his little brother coming out. He asks daily if he is going to come out soon and also wants to know how we know if he's ready or not. I told him that his little brother would tell me when he was ready and we would go see the baby doctor.

Lucas' response, "But Mommy, he can't talk yet. How's he going to tell you?"
My response, "He will start pushing really hard on my belly and I'll know he is ready!"
Now, every day Lucas asks..."Is he pushing really hard and ready yet?"

Too cute!
Other daily questions...
Lucas: "Why we are having a baby brother?"
Mommy: "So you can be a big brother and learn to share."
Lucas: "But I don't like to share!"
Mommy: "I know, that's why we're having a baby."

Lucas: "How did my brother get in your belly?"
Mommy: "Magic!"

It has been such a treat to see Lucas through this whole process. I'm sure it causes a bunch of confusion on his part, seeing mommy's belly grow and hearing about his new baby brother daily. He has been a trooper for sure. I love this kid so much! He's been so patient with me and all my baby preparations.

It's so weird to imagine life with a newborn after almost three and a half years since we had one. Our family has a pretty good routine these days and Lucas is just so fun to spend time with. It will be shocking when the little one comes home but we are all excited.

I have to admit, a little part of me is knows I will miss my only child relationship with Lucas. We've bonded so much and I cherish the time we've been able to spend together. I guess it's similar to when Lucas was about to come into our lives...our Mike and Janelle only time sure changed but you know what? It was an awesome change, an awesome addition and an awesome experience!

I look back at life before kids and realize what a big piece of our family puzzle was missing. Don't get me wrong, Mike and I had a wonderful time together and do miss the ease of going places and the extra quiet time. However, once a child enters your family, you are forever changed and so happy that your quiet days have changed and you learn to appreciate the quiet nap times and quiet evenings. We are so fortunate and I love being a parent! We will welcome Baby Anderson and I know Lucas will be an awesome big brother.

A Child.

What a true gift from God.

Thank you!

We are excited to meet you Baby Anderson!

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