Saturday, January 17, 2009

Magic Kingdom

We decided to "maximize" our Magic Kingdom day. We were on the shuttle bus and at the Monorail Station before opening.Here we are at the entrance waiting for the grand opening ceremony by Mickey & Friends. We had enough time to come up with our plan of attack when the gates opened. With a few tips from our friend Amy, we planned to split up.
Mike headed to Thunder Mt (Splash Mt was closed) and Lucas and I headed straight down Main Street, through Mickeys Castle right to Fantasy Land. We jumped on the Dumbo ride and then the Carosel and finished just as Daddy returned.
No photos of Dumbo. Mommy was too busy trying to avoid collisions and getting run over by super aggressive was nuts!

Daddy had a list of fun rides ready for Lucas, and Snow White was next.
Lucas really had no clue who Snow White was but he enjoyed the ride.
Then it was on to the Pooh ride. Great posture Mommy!

Tiger jumped out everywhere and Lucas thought it was hilarious.
Next was the Tea Cups with Daddy. Way too "spinny" for Mommy!
Full action shot! I quickly found out how hard it is to photograph amusement park rides.
The Speedway Race Cars were next. Here Lucas and Daddy are checking out the map.
As you can see, Lucas was big enough to go on the ride but not really tall enough to see anything. I don't think he cared. All the cool stuff was inside the car.
Oh....there he is!
Next was Toontown. We had to find Micky & Minnie. Lucas ran up to Mickey and asked, "Where do you live?" Of course, Mickey didn't respond which bothered Lucas. I'm sure he had a list of questions to ask Mickey and that wasn't going to happen if he didn't talk. One funny thing: On the way to see Mickey you went through his "house," Lucas told me this was Mickey's pretend house and he really lived in the Castle. I agreed.
Family shot too!
We finally found the perfect ride for Lucas and definitely one of his favorites.
No hesitation.
Checkin' everything out.
Getting ready to go.
Yahoooooooooooooooooo! Daddy and Lucas are in the very front seat!
Look at that smile! It was a success and by the end of the day, Lucas and Daddy had ridden the roller coaster SEVEN times!!! A true hit!
Next was Tomorrow Land and to the tallest spaceship ride in the park.
Action shot.
Great view of Mickey's house.
Buzz Light Year was another favorite.
Lucas and Daddy each got a gun to shoot all the bad guy Aliens.
Lucas was way better than Mommy but didn't quite keep up with Daddy's skills.
So fun!
We did this ride at least three times. Here's the Alien Blaster Anderson Crew!
Oh?! Is someone getting tired??? The longest line during our whole trip was for the Jungle Cruise. No fast pass for this one. We had a tired boy on our hands.
Tickle bug came out to get a smile. I decided not to post the four photos of Mr. Tired and Grumpy.
Over to the Swiss Family Robinson Tree House. Nothing like a hike to the top of the tree when we are already tired.
Remote control boat driving with Daddy.
We hit Pirates of the Carribean and a few others in the area. The weather was getting hot so we opted for some easy rides and an ice cream treat. The Steamboat and Train were also a perfect time for relaxing.
We had much more running around until dark. Lucas even took a little nap in the stroller while Mommy and Daddy had dinner. Then it was time to do the roller coaster a few more times and off to find a good fireworks viewing point.

This photo was taken from Disney's Main Street.
Closer view. Lucas LOVED the Castle.
Night time was upon us. What a wonderful light show on the Castle and the fireworks were amazing.
Got our spot, time for a snack.
It was beautiful!
One more look at the Castle.
It was truly amazing how many people were at the park. You couldn't really tell during the day (slow season too) but after the fireworks in was just a sea of people. We decided to wait for 30 minutes or so before trying to go anywhere. We then headed to Main Street to check it out and get our Mickey ears personalized.
We ran to our bus that was scheduled to pick us up at 9:30pm. Phew! We made it and what a long day. We were all tired....or were we???? I should say MOMMY & DADDY were tired. Lucas on the other hand was full of energy bouncing around the bus like a wild man. He made everyone smile but it shocked could he have so much energy?! He was hyper until 11pm that night!


Amy said...

Wow! I'm so impressed you made it the whole day! Looks like you had a blast and hit all the good stuff. Seeing your pictures makes me excited to take Hayden back when he gets a little bit older. . . maybe we can even last until the fireworks!

Did you get some Mickey ears for the littlest one. . . he'll have to prove that he was there, too, even if it was still in Mommy's belly! :-)

Janelle Anderson said...

No, not yet although I thought about it. Mostly because we haven't decided on a name yet. :)

Megan said...

I haven't been to DisneyWorld since I was a teenager. It looks like there is so much more stuff to do there now. I love the fireworks at the end of the day. It kind of sums up the whole disney experience.

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