Sunday, January 18, 2009

Disney's Blizzard Beach

After two full days at Disney, we took a relaxing approach to the end of the trip. It also helped that our package came with "free" tickets to the water park. Unfortunately, we ended up going on the coolest day of the week. We still braved the cooler temps and had a great time.

Lucas loved that he could do things "all by himself" and here he is headed to the top of the slide.
All by himself was great as long as Daddy was in position to catch him at the bottom.
So big!
Phew! Daddy was there just in case.
Big boy slide...all by himself.

Way to go Daddy, you did it all by yourself too!Wow, what's that???
It's airplane art...only at Disney!High Point at Blizzard Beach.
Yes, they even had REAL hot chocolate and boy was it needed after two laps in the Lazy (Shady) River. The yummy mini donuts were a hit too! (so were the sweatshirts!)
Yep, it's confirmed: FLORIDA IS FLAT!
Some more park photos, ski lift and all. After riding the ski lift, we all took the family raft ride down. It was a blast and the only ride I could do. Lucas was a little scared but it didn't deter him from the other slides.
Daddy got his fill of fun slides too. Here he is on the far left racing down the ski slope.
View from the bottom...
and Daddy's the Winner!
Our last night at the hotel and great opportunity to wear our Mickey Ears.
We headed to the airport and had a mellow flight back home. However, 80 degrees in Orlando meant for a real shock to come home to a negative something degree ice storm in Dayton. Daddy was the lucky one to scrape the ice off so we could finally get home. Thanks Daddy - We Love You and had a wonderful time!
Lucas found a week old, half eaten lollipop in his car seat so he was happy. He also knew that camera flash was a bright one. Check out the ice on the back window. Nothing like a nice welcome home ice storm!
What a wonderful trip. Baby Anderson did a great job too and we are all happy he decided to stay snuggled up in my belly for awhile longer. If he's smart, he'll stay where it's warm for as long as possible.
Back to School: Lucas had to go back to preschool which is no fun and hard to accept after having a month off. The morning of his first day back to school, he tried to get out of it.

"Mommy, I'll just call Mrs. Crum and tell her about Santa and Mickey's Castle. I don't need to go to school to talk to her."

After I disagreed, we had a fun two-minute-three-year-old-I-didn't-get-my-way fit and guess what? He had a great day at school! Surprise, surprise! :)
Next Post: Ohio sledding and Lucas' first downhill skiing experience!

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Amy said...

Ha! The lollipop in the carseat is hilarious!

Glad you guys had such a great trip. Rich is curious about this conference. . . maybe he can justify it next year? :-)

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