Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Animal? Kingdom

The only animal (besides the kids) I managed to take a photo of was a bat! Did I mention that bats are some of my favorite animals in this world? I have no idea why they intrigue me so much but they do and I could watch them for hours. I love their wings, hooks for hands and feet, cute little fuzzy faces and how they can spend their days upside down. I also love that they love fruit and veggies. Call me weird...
All the adults decided to hit Mt. Everest in the morning before the lines got crazy. I volunteered to baby sit ALL the boys. It was tough work, a true sacrafic by me right?! HA! Look at these sleepers!
These were the non-sleepers.
Eventually Logan woke up and just watched us for about 5 minutes not sure what to think.
We hit all the good rides and shows like the Nemo Musical. Dinoland was also a huge hit but the favorite was the parade. We watched this one right before heading to the Lion King Show another must see.
Wave, wave, wave!
And more waving!
They are cute parades!
The Lion King Show is very impressive and short enough to keep everyone happy.
Here we go again with annoying photo flip issue. Anyways, this is Grandpa babysitting while everyone hits Mt. Everest one last time. Great job Grandpa!
We asked Lucas in the morning if he wanted to ride the Mt. Everest ride and he wasn't sold. It's very intimidating when you watch people being hurled up and down the mountain screaming.
At the end of the day, he decided he wanted to try Mt. Everest after contemplating ALL DAY long. Guess what?! He did it and...
I was so happy he was brave enough to give it a try and even happier that he loved it and didn't hate us for suggesting it. :) Way to go Lucas!!
We are ready for Hollywood Studios!
On the way home we accidently stopped at Downtown Disney with a little sweet treat in mind.
We had to follow the tradition of stopping at Ghiridelli for some brownie sundaes. They were a little disappointing this time around. Too little ice cream and way too much hot fudge. The result was melted ice cream, soggy brownie and a huge drippy mess. With that said, it was not so horrible that we couldn't finish them. :) They were still very tasty, just not as dreamy as we have had in the past.
Exactly one year ago...

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