Thursday, January 12, 2012

Our First Epcot Visit

We arrived to Epcot before the gates opened. This was our first trip and we wanted to be sure to have plenty of time to get it all in.
We hit all the rides early on before things got crowded. Some favs were the Test Race Track, Soaring, Mission to Mars and I'm sure others I'm missing. At one point, all the adults decided to go to the Soaring Ride. Mike & I had already been so we ended up with all the kids.
Instead of sitting down at a table trying to keep everyone occupied, we opted for a more adventurous approach. We took them on a boat ride! We were very proud of ourselves and all the kids were perfect angles...thank goodness! It was fun for us all and made us pretty happy we have two kids. Gets a little tricky when you are out numbered. It was like having two sets of twins and a 6 year old all at once. :)
Sorry for the red eyes...we have a new editing program I have yet to figure out!
At one point, Mike looked at me and said, "This is what my parents had to deal with!" Too funny! Good job Grandma & Grandpa for surving all those kids in one house!
One of our plans was to taste delicious baked goods from some of the countries. Our first stop was France and we got a little over excited. Luckily, we had 6 adults and 5 kids with us to help share. I'm sure Logan and Dominic ate just as much as the rest of us...right?! Everything was awesome and it made my year!
Cuteness in France!
Even cuterness in France! I'm sure "cuterness" is a word especially when describing Dominic.
To get the boys excited about seeing all the countires, we took time to make a little craft...teddy bear on a stick. They were able to get a stamp at every country and have their name written in that countries lauguage. It was pretty cool and the Arabic hand writting was gorgeous.
These Japanese drummers caugh everyone's attention.
Axel quickly discoverd the model train area. He was enamored! He studied the route, and raced back and forth waiting for it to hit it's next destination. I think he was there for at least 30 minutes and would have stayed all night if we would have let him.
Axel taking a little rest after train chasing while tapping his foot to the beat of the music!
Lucas really wanted to go to China so we made our journey around to all the countries and finally arrived. He loves the buildings!
Daddy going back to his roots and eating a Norweign snack of smoked salmon, multigrain bread, hard boiled eggs, red onion and goat cheese. It was tasty!
We really enjoyed watching the street shows in the countries we passed through.
At the end of the afternoon, we took a break to have a snack. Axel and Marcus are best buds and they loved teasing the birds with fake food...leaves, sticks, rocks. They were busy for 30 minutes and laughed the entire time.
Towards dinner time, Lucas was giving us "his face" that usually says in a not so nice way, "I'M HUNGRY!!" Sweet isn't it?!
We hit the boat ride with Donald Duck in Mexico.
Had to stop by the model train one more time to show Marcus on our way to Moroco for dinner.
Axel & Marcus kissing?! Yep, cousin love. They follow each other in all they do from eating, to screaming, to playing and laughing. It's pretty cute to watch them.
Lucas was over Epcot and on to Angry Birds.
After dinner we caught the huge Christmas Choir. They were amazing and really put everyone in the Christmas spirit.
Grandma and the boys.
I was even there with Daddy too!
Aunt Christina got a rare moment of these two sitting down. Believe me, it was just a moment.
The evening ended in one of the biggest firework shows I have ever seen. If I took one of the shows from my home town on one 4th of July and multipled it by 20 that would give you an idea of how big this was. There were three "grand finalies" and the booms were AMAZING!
We loved Epcot and will definitely have to go back!

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