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Christmas Day 2011

On Christmas morning we usually wait for the boys to wake up and jump in our bed to "wake" us up. When everyone is awake, we all go out to the living room together. Lucas confessed that he always takes a sneak peak just to be sure Santa really came and then heads to our bedroom. I love this. He's done this for as long as I can remember and I remember doing the same thing as a child...oh the magic of Christmas!
He had come! Santa was here and he delievered SCOOTERS!
Stockings are my favorite part of Christmas presents. I've always loved the small treasures you find deep in your stocking...things you've dreamed of and others you've never even thought of.
They boys made out like fat rats in the stocking department!
Axel could not believe Santa left him his very own Coke in the coolest bottle ever!
Daddy got some climbing gear...we always need more climbing gear! :)
Such a happy morning!
Lucas wanted Wuggle Pets for months. It's like a build-a-bear but it's a kit to do at home on a smaller scale. We get this funny kids show at our cabin and this was one of the commercials that he just couldn't shake! Santa came through!!!
Daddy found a very special suprise in his stocking this year. Lucas really wanted to do something special and different. After asking Aunt Kate, Mommy and a few others, he determined that a treasure hunt would be perfect. While in Orlando, Lucas spied on Daddy to see what things he liked in various stores. Daddy showed big interest in the Ghiridelli store...chocolate is always good for Daddy but it was going to require a little work on his part. DADDY'S CHRISTMAS PRESENT TREASURE HUNT! I think we have a new tradition boys!
#1. "You now have your map, let your journy begin. For your next clue, look near the top by a star that shines bright." - Christmas Tree
#2. "A place where Lucas & Axel sleep. Look high & low, don't forget under the pillow!" - Boys Room
#3. "For your first gift, look in a place you find stuff to eat." - Kitchen
#4. "Helmets, bikes and gloves. Head to the garage by the things that you love." - Garage
#5. "When the sun goes down & your eyes get's a place of rest, go look in the blue chest." - Master bedroom
#6. ", a place where you're never bored. Look at the seat but stay on your feet." - Computer Desk
#7."Look for a treat. It might be sweet. I'm not a liar, go look in the DRYER!" - Laundry Room
#8."Take all 3 gifts back to the tree. Open them up so you can see. Love, Lucas & Axel"
Daddy was thrilled to receive a Ghiridelli Cookbook, baking chocolate and a carmel chocolate bar so we could bring some of those tasty treats too life while enjoying some now.
Hugs all around and one very happy Daddy!
Cap guns...and let me tell you, these suckers are loud!
Daddy was so HAPPY to get more climbing holds for our treadwall!Axel even took time to play with each gift...super cute!
Socks and bra enhancements! :) Just what I NEED!! HA!
Lucas thought he was top dog when he found out the biggest box was for him.
He quickly learned that size does not matter when it comes to gifts. His big box held a Wii game along with some weights and a big sleeping bag used to make the box heavy! Sneaky Daddy!!
Axel DID.NOT.CARE about the size of his gifts!
New ear phones!
Axel loved tearing into those gifts and squealed with delight each time the present was revealed.
Shrinky-dinks! Do you remember these? I forgot just how cool they are to watch as they curl into a ball, flatten out and get tiny.
Rain coats! We are ready for spring climbing season.
Remote controlled vehicles.
Whoot! New pans for the fam!
We made a wonderful mess in between a delicious breakfast of real yeast Belgian Waffles...another new tradition! :) What a wonderful morning! I love seeing the magic of Christmas through our two amazing boys! We love you Axel & Lucas. Merry Christmas!

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