Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Christmas Eve 2011

The long awaited Christmas Eve had arrived! We had two very excited boys who just spent a full week at Disney...what a Christmas!
It's really important for Mike and I to develop some traditions during the holidays that are little bits and pieces from our own childhood all tied up into some new, special ones just for us. We've decided that Christmas Eve is a perfect time for decorating gingerbread houses. I'm sure over the years, they will evolve and get more and more creative. This year, we stuck to simple ones seeing that our day was cut short driving home 6 hours from Orlando. None-the-less, we had a blast!
Big decisions!
Big sweet tooth!
It didn't take long for Axel to remember how to use the frosting bag. :)
Lucas discovered a new use for pixi stixs...blue snow!
We had two adorable gingerbread houses sit on our counter for a week or so and I didn't manage to take a finished photo. O'well, I too need to get better at documenting our new traditions. Each day the houses got smaller and smaller. Two little theifs...sugar theifs, as sneaky as could be enjoyed them to the fullest.
We had special drinks with our special dinner. Looking back now, I need to get out some placemats!
Poppers or Crackers...a tradition we adopted from Mike's family. They make a big bang when pulled apart and come with fun little prizes...crowns, jokes, small knick-knacks, etc. Everyone has to wear their crown during dinner too.
Go Dad!Axel was pretty impressed!
Lucas was so excited! He had been waiting soooo long for Christmas Eve and if finally arrived!
Mommy's turn.
That evening, we let the boys open gifts from each other. Lucas received a Dinosaur Atlas from Axel. Axel received a Disney remote controlled train from Lucas. Each boy made special secret shopping trips to pick out a perfect gift for each other.
Big smiles all around.
Daddy surprised Mommy when he brought out a gift for me. I instantly had a few helpers to bust into the package.
I was so excited to discover it was a new camera! I lost my camera earlier in the year so I had to befriend my old one. Now, it's time to learn the in's and out's of my new Canon 100S...and S is for Sweet!
Thank you to all of my family who contributed to this awesome gift. It made my Christmas and I was so excited to be able to use it Christmas morning!
The boys also opened up PJ gifts from Grandma & Grandpa! So cute, so cozy and so perfect for Christmas Eve.
Christmas was really here!
Mommy and her old camera messing around! The new one was charging!
Before heading to bed, we sprinkled reindeer food on the front lawn, left out cookies & milk for Santa and read "The Night Before Christmas" with Daddy.
Sweet dreams!

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