Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Weekend Warriors

The nice weather down here in the South definitely changes the dynamics of our climbing seasons. Being able to climb all winter is pretty cool but lends to a harder time finding much needed downtime. I guess our true downtime will be in the summer when it's too hot and humid to go outside. After our Fall/Winter season, we did slow down and only make runs up to Alabama and Tennessee here and there like New Years and MLK Day weekends. It breaks up being at home and goes perfect with training.

We've been to Horse Pens 40, Rock Town, Little Rock City (Stone Fort) and experienced some real winter temps! One day the boys stayed huddled together for hours to keep warm and happy. That was a short climbing day! :)
Our climber photog friend, Dan Brayack, took these four photos of Mike and I. He also convinced me to pose for this shot now used here... Thanks Dan!

I rarely have climbing photos of the two of us. Usually my camera is focuse on two cute little boys. :) This is bouldering!

Playing with my new camera..
Our friend Paul joined us for his usually abuse from those ages 6 and under!
Axel is sure getting big these days...and tall!!
Lucas learning about heal-hooks...
And, showing Daddy that he already knows everything there is to know about climbing.
Keeping warm!
While Daddy, Shawn, Anthony & Mommy climb in the cold temps.
So sweet!

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Maile Fano said...

That picture is awesome of you! The pictures of the boys are so cute! What troopers you have.

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