Thursday, January 12, 2012

More Gifts!

Logan missed out on the present exchange the night before but we saved his gifts and he brought some to share with his cousins. It made everyones evening!
Aunt Kate & Uncle Mark bought a truck load of dart guns. They were a huge hit but watch out!!! These little guns had some kick!
Watch out Uncle Eric!
Logan was more interested in his cool new toys than the flying darts.
Uncle Bill armed and dangerous!
Enjoying our stocking stuffer gifts.
Mini Donut Maker...looks like a new tradition brewing in our home! Any good half way healthy donut recipes out there?
Some of us decided to put more emphasis on "White Elephant" aspect of their gifts than others. Grandma discovers one of these gifts. To her surprise there was a hidden gift card to Ghirideli to make up for the cheesey gift. The half eaten box of chocolates was also a surprise to Aunt Kate but she quickly figured out that there was more than meets the eye! The highlight from Grandma was a flip video recorder.
Grandma losing her favorite gift!
Special time with Aunt Kate & Uncle mark assembling new lego kit.

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