Monday, January 9, 2012


Our first stop was the Dolphin Nursery where the morning feeding was taking place. I think I could have stayed here all day and watched these amazing creatures. They love to perform and just seem so happy especially when the crowd cheers. The boys were pretty impressed too.
I loved SeaWorld growing up and have vivid memories of getting drenched by Shamu and falling in love with all the sea animails & creatures. Dolphins are my favorite for sure but it's also very impressive to watch a huge killer whale jump completely out of the water and splash the crowd.
We warned the boys that depending on where you are sitting, YOU WILL GET WET! Lucas was willing to test our our claim and Axel, well, he just blindly follows Lucas. It didn't take long to figure out that sitting up front gives you a great view but people in the stadium were getting wet! Axel quickly retreated back to higher ground with Mommy & Daddy.
Lucas decided to be brave and stick it out to see if we were telling the truth or not.
Lucas got his moneys worth and was in complete shock. I don't think he truly believed that he would get wet especially after staying dry for almost the entire show! He also learned about the effects of salt water in your eyes. He was not impressed but we reasurred him that he was very brave and we were proud!
After some drying off, we headed to the kid area. Axel spotted a cool train so he went all by himself. SO BIG!
The next show was the Dolpin Show. This was our favorite for sure. They included dolphins, whales, divers, acrobatics and dancers. I didn't take a lot of photos but I got some of the highlights captured.
We even had time for a few rides before going to the hotel to meet up with the family.
Daddy gets to do the spinny rides with the boys so Mommy doesn't get sick. :)
We were all warmed up and ready for Magic Kingdom the next day!

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