Friday, January 6, 2012

Christmas Travels

We had big plans on heading to Orlando to celebrate the Holiday Season with Mike's side of the family for the week leading up to Christmas. A trip to Disney World would not be complete without squeezing in one more day of climbing! So, we headed north to Little River Canyon near Fort Payne, AL to spend at day at the crag.

It was a cold morning so we did a little sight seeing to let things warm up a bit.
While climbing with a friend a few days earlier, Daddy found another 5.13d that showed potential for giving away to an end-of-the-season-send. This would be the cherry on top of an already very successful season. The weather prediction was cold and perfect for Daddy to give it a few more tries.

It's very horizontal climbing and while I belayed him I looked straight out not having to bend my neck back to look up.

Here it is, the camera really gives it no justice! Crazy formation...
You can barely see Mike in this photo but it helps to shows the scale and how far back the cave goes compared to the top of the nose.Looking up at the nose.
He tried once. He rested. He tried again. He rested. So close but not quite to the top. So, he rested some more.

On his third attempt, he climbed past his previous high point and found a rest. It didn't look restful to me but he made it work. A few more moves...shaking legs, up and back down and up again all mixed in with desperate little shakes trying to find a millisecond of rest. I was certain he would pop off at any moment.

Don't get me wrong, I have full confidence in his strength, mental and physical abilities but they flew out the window as I watched him flail, frantically try to slow his heart rate, find the next move all the while holding on for dear life.

What happened next?! His body calmed down, he took in deep breaths and let me know he was moving up and going for the anchors. By this point, I could not see him but then I heard the celebration cheer as he clipped the anchors! WHOOT! He did it! It wasn't pretty but it was the hardest I've ever seen him try and he succeeded!

He was so happy and SOOOOO PUMPED!!!
The boys were ecstatic, for they new chocolate cake and Sea World were in their near future!
It was now time to head to Orlando!!

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