Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Off to Disney Hollywood Studios

We as a family, had to break the schedule of going to parks Mon & Tues, resting on Wed and back to parks Thurs & Fri. Daddy had to drive home Wed evening so he could be at work the next morning so we broke away from the group and headed to Disney Studios on our own. The rest of the crew planned to take a nice relaxing rest day back at the hotel.

My feet were jealous!

However, we had been planning on signing up Lucas for the Jedi Training for months. Daddy was so excited and we woke up early to be sure to secure one of the limited spots. Well, to our surprise, Lucas wanted nothing to do with it. We did convince him to at least sign up for it so if he changed his mind so he would still have an opportunity to do it. He was adament and DID.NOT.WANT.TO.DO.THIS! Daddy was half devistated. Come to find out, Lucas was scared of getting up in front of all the people. This shocked us coming from a boy who on numerous occassions sang songs in front of 100's of people at Rocktober Fest! Times have changed and I'm sure it won't be the last time we get surprised by our children moving in and out of different life phases.

Daddy's heart was a little broken but I reassured him that there would be other chances...maybe when Axel is 4 years old, they both could do it together?! Seemed like a great solution to me. :) We moved on to other cool rides and shows and left Star Wars for another year. Sorry Daddy.

We made sure to watch Beauty and the Beast. It's another must see show at Disney Studios. That and the Aerosmith Roller-coaster AND the Tower of Terror! Speaking of Tower of Terror...Lucas LOVED IT! I have to admit, watching his face as we dropped numerous times unexpectedly sure said a different story. He looked scared out of his mind but when it was over he loved it!

We didn't wait in line for an hour but we did get to see Phineaus & Ferb so Lucas was excited.
Had to stop by the Honey I Shunk the Kids Park. Lucas was pretty much over it but Axel could have stayed all day.
I think he did this slide about 20 times.
We love watching the stunt cars!
Lightning McQueen even made an appearance which was pretty cool. It got the boys attention real quick!
Axel was telling Daddy all about those cool cars.
3-D glasses...gotta love them!
This was typical for Axel while waiting in line. Our little climber would climb anything climbable...rails, stairs, fences, etc.
We watched some street performers after getting free Micky Cookies for being "too cute!"
We had not stayed for the big Fanastmic Light Show so we decided to commit to the long wait and see what it was all about. It took 30 minutes in the crowd to get to our seats and another 60 minutes to wait for the show. Luckily, Axel befriended everyone around and before long he was having a ball. He played games, sang songs and shared his treats with anyone in reach. Lucas opted to play on Dad's phone for most of the time.
The show was very scary and really draws out the nightmare aspect of the story which I thought was not necessary. You can get the point after a few minutes but after 15 minutes of scary images and creatures it got old. Our kids did fine but there were many crying and hiding their faces. The last five minutes was the best but it was not worth the wait in my opinion. A better option would have been to go to Main Street and watch the Christmas Light Show which Uncle Mark said was AMAZING!
Pretty lights and boats during the nice part of the story.
We headed back to the hotel and Daddy headed down the road back home for the night. Thursday was going to be our rest day at the hotel.
Little did we know that a few people back at the hotel had come down with the stomach bug! Great day to miss at the hotel!

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