Monday, January 9, 2012

Magic Kingdom with the Crew

I had a little different approach to taking photos this time around at Disney World. I decided I wanted to document here and there but not come home with 100's of photos to have to go through and post. So, we have a slimmed down version and lots left to our memories...probably not the best appoach but nothing I can do now except share what I do have.
Once everyone arrived to the hotel, we headed to the closest restaurant to have dinner. It was an outside-by-the-pool kind of place so it was perfect for the kiddos to run around. We had a 7 month old (Dominic), 11 month old (Logan), 2 year old (Marcus), almost 3 year old (Axel) and a 6 year old (Lucas)...all cousins, ALL BOYS!
Here's Logan and Aunt Kate.
The next morning we headed to Magic Kingdom to hit Buzz Light Year, Space Mt and a few other favorites like the Speedway. Here Axel takes the wheel and gives his mom a look into the not-so-far-off future.
It was crowded being the week before Christmas but we mastered the Fast Past routine and spent time together in line for rides we felt the wait were worth it. Here is Aunt Christina, Marcus & Grandpa A waiting for the Orbit Ride.
Grandma A, Logan and Kate too.
Daddy & Grandpa go to snuggle on this ride! It gave us all a good laugh. I'm sure Uncle Bill loved snuggling with his awesome sister-in-law... me! :)
We had to do the Carosel.
Grandma A treated all the grand kids with Disney Mickey Mouse lollipops. It was a first for Dominc and boy did he love every last drop of it.
Logan was delighted.
Axel the old pro knew just what to do.
Marcus gave me the usual "who are you anyway? " look.
Lucas ran away with Grandpa A to go do Splash Mt again. He is tall enough for all the fun rides and he loves the big ones. Thunder Mt and Splash Mt still his favorites at this park.
Dominic was A MESS! However, he was a cute mess and stopped people everywhere we went with his sticky face...shirt...arms and Aunt Janelle. It was adorable and he was just so happy. I'm sure about 80% of the lollipop rolled down to his elbow and ended up on me and his shirt. Too cute!
I think he is wondering if really is okay to be eating such a delicious treat?!
Another trip with Grandma A.
We maximized the day running all over the park from ride to ride and taking a little rest during the parades or when someone needed a snack.
Lucas got his own special treat at the Main Street Bakery (A MUST IF YOU GO THERE). Of course, he picked out the big huge cupcake with a tower of frosting! We were happy to find out that the tower was actually an upside down ice cream cone. Axel missed out catching some Z's in the stroller. Sorry Axel!
We stayed for the Electric Parade and everyone loved it except Dominic. He caught a bug we later found out but at the time we thought he was having a huge bellyache from the lolly.
They waved and waved. Parades became one of the highlights and something not to be missed with these boys.
Main Street was CRAZY but so beautiful with all the lights. We even enjoyed some Hollywood snowfall and Lucas was so happy to see the stuff fall from the sky. It was foam but it sure looked real.
Before the firework show, they did a cool light show on the castle. The end result was this which I love!
It was time to head home and get rested for Animal Kingdom!

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